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Organic Orange Cauliflower / 有機橙椰菜花



$90.00 / 800g

Health Benefits
Orange cauliflower plants get their color from beta carotene, a high source of vitamin A. Orange cauliflowers have roughly 25 times more vitamin A than white cauliflower. In 1970, a Canadian farmer near Toronto discovered a naturally occurring orange cauliflower in his field of white cauliflowers. It was a smaller and less flavorful than cauliflowers found in supermarkets.

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  • Please note the quality and quantity of produces will be affected by weather and seasonal factors.
  • The weight may have a deviation of +/- 10%.
  • The above pictures are for reference only, all crops are subject to actual products.
  • Please keep it in the refrigerator at 5-8°C and consume within 3-5 days.

椰菜花,也稱花椰菜,熱量低,含有助抑制癌細胞生長物質,如蘿蔔硫素(sulforaphane)、吲哚(indoles)和異硫氰酸酯(isothiocyanates),及減少中風和心臟病的大蒜素(allicin)。 它的膳食纖維亦有助清潔腸道,增強消化系統。

點擊下面圖片開啓食譜參考:  1424 種 椰菜花 的家常做法食譜



  • 農作物產量會因應天氣和季節影響、敬請留意。
  • 如單位以農作物的重量表示,即農夫會根據重量包裝,而非根據數量。重量可能有 +/- 10%偏差。
  • 以上圖片只供參考,所有農作物以實物為準。
  • 請放在5 - 8°C 冰箱裏蔬菜格内儲存,並在 3 - 5 天內食用。

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